The great Zelda musical tribute celebration! Final day!

This is it, the final day of our great Zelda musical tribute celebration. We had some good fun, but it’s time to dim the lights and get some rest. Tomorrow, we embark on a quest greater than your dreams! (Than your dreams, than your dreams, fleemy geemy deemy!)

Today’s top honors go to the incredible “Wind Waker Unplugged” by Fredrik Larsson. People, this is without a doubt the greatest fan-made Zelda arrangement ever. I won’t say any more. Just listen.

Rounding out the evening is a VGO medley and two more high-class numbers from OC ReMix.

Here is “Legend of Zelda Medley” by Video Game Orchestra, performed live at PAX East 2011. I managed to catch these guys during the first PAX East, but I don’t remember their playing this song. I could be wrong, however. Were any of you who would know for sure present at the 2010 con?

Ancient Hero” by DarkeSword is another Wind Waker cover, this time of the theme that plays over the introductory narration. Is it just me, or does Wind Waker have the best music in the entire series?

Our final piece is “Symphonic Ballade” by Bladiator and GrayLightning. It’s a cover of Link’s Awakening‘s “Ballad of the Wind Fish,” a beautifully sad song that marks the end of a dream and of our brief time with a people we swore was always a part of our lives. We awaken and struggle to remember the details of those days long gone, but the memory remains a haze. Our hearts remember, though, and we can’t help but crack a wistful smile.

Good night, my friends.

[“Octorawk” artwork by Glen Brogan]

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