The Great Retro Quiz! .19: Resident Evil

I know, I know, calling the PlayStation “retro” is up for debate, but a few months ago I decided to make it official: the original PlayStation and the Nintendo 64 are retro consoles in my mind. I can’t really explain the reasoning behind that decision, but that is the way it is going to be in my dolphin, rainbow, butterfly-filled universe. I hope you can respect that.

This week’s quiz is all about original scare-fest, Resident Evil for the PlayStation. And all you manly types, don’t try to lie: You know you screamed like a little girl when that damn dog jumped through the window.

How well do you remember this classic game that jump started the survival horror revolution? Are you confident enough to face the zombies of trivia? Just leave your answers in the comments and check my community blog tomorrow (1/24) to see how you did.

Here, take this knife for protection. You’re going to need it. Good luck!

The Great Retro Quiz! .19

: Resident Evil
Number of questions: 25
Difficulty: Normal

1. Quick, who published Resident Evil!?

a. Nintendo
c. Konami
d. Capcom

2. What kind of zombified animals chase the recovery team into the mansion at the very beginning of the game?

3. Debbie the depressing cheerleader is a huge Resident Evil fan and wants to lead a cheer at the big game focusing on the horrible virus that turns people into zombies. Cheer up, Debbie! How will the cheer begin?

a. “Give me a B!”
b. “Give me a C!”
c. “Give me a P!”
d. “Give me a T!”

4. What item appears in the name of the evil pharmaceutical conglomerate responsible for the viral outbreak?

5. You just got into college. When your guidance counselor asks you what you want to major in, you hastily reply “I want to study the name of the Special Forces team in Resident Evil!” What did you mean to say?

a. “Physics!”
b. “Chemistry!”
c. “Astronomy!”
d. “Anthropology!”

6. Who is the “master of unlocking?”

a. Chris Redfield
b. Jill Valentine
c. Rebecca Chambers
d. Albert Wesker

Chris or Jill?

7. Can carry six items at a time

8. Starts with a knife

9. Is helped by Barry Burton throughout much of the game

10. Is older

11. Help! I’m poisoned! Heal me!

12. If Resident Evil took place in the real world, which of the following people would most likely save the most often (probably without even knowing it)?

a. Agatha Christie
b. Dale Earnhardt
c. Bob Ross
d. Yo-Yo Ma

Resident Evil just transformed into a colorful 2D platformer! Um, yay? Match the extra cute sprite with the Alpha Team member it represents:

13. Chris Redfield

14. Jill Valentine

15. Barry Burton

16. Albert Wesker

17. Joseph Frost

18. Brad Vickers

19. Which of the following is not one of the game’s “special” keys?

a. Sword Key
b. Shield Key
c. Helmet Key
d. Axe Key

Nonsensical puzzle alert! Match the item with its function in Resident Evil:

20. Use on the tiger statue to reveal the Colt Python. Huh?

21. Used to drain the fountain. What?

22. Put in the head of a statue to get the Wind Crest. Really?

23. Raises and lowers the water gate. Okay?

24. What is the name of the final boss?

a. Titan-002
b. Goliath-002
c. Tyrant-002
d. Colossus-002

25. Speaking of the final boss, what powerful weapon do you get for the first time right before battling it?

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