The Great Retro Quiz! .16: Street Fighter II

Welcome, everyone, to another edition of The Great Retro Quiz: the weekly feature that puts your knowledge of classic videogames to the test! *holding up applause sign*

This is the first quiz of 2008, so I needed to open with a bang. A Shoryuken-screaming, fireball-tossing, Dhalsim-pounding bang, to be exact.

With all the Street Fighter IV madness that has been going around as of late, it felt the perfect time to see how much you all knew about the original fighting masterpiece, Street Fighter II. True, it is not where the series technically began, but, let’s be honest, this is when it started getting really good.

I have some sad news, though: it seems my prize cache has run dry. Because of this, I only have my heartfelt admiration and undying respect to offer you should you do well. Actually, if you live close to the Los Angeles area, I can also throw in a hug. How’s that?

I apologize for the lack of tangible rewards, but, don’t worry, prizes will once again be offered up in the future. In the meantime, you can still leave your answers in the comments to show off how much you know (or don’t know) to the world! Just check my community blog tomorrow (1/3) for the correct answers and to see how you did.

ROUND 1! HIT THE JUMP! Good luck!

The Great Retro Quiz! .16

: Street Fighter II
Number of questions: 25
Difficulty: Normal

Match the fighter with his/her country of origin:

1. Chun-Li

2. E. Honda

3. Dhalsim

4. Blanka

5. True or False: Ryu fights barefoot in Street Fighter II.

a. True
b. False

6. What objects does Dhalsim wear around his neck?

What move did you just perform?

7. Sumo Head Butt

8. Flash Kick

9. Yoga Fire

10. Dragon Punch

11. Blanka had a traumatic childhood. What tragic event did he experience?

a. Car accident
b. Exposure to radioactive waste
c. Plane crash
d. Virus breakout

12. Which of the below is not one of Zangief’s special moves?

a. Spinning Clothesline
b. Pile Driver
c. Back Breaker
d. Full Nelson

13. You are playing Super Street Fighter II on the Super Nintendo. What button did you just press repeatedly to activate the below Chun-Li pose?

a. X
b. B
c. Y
d. L-trigger

14. Ken’s gi: What color is it?

a. Blonde
b. Red
c. Brown
d. Black

Match the dramatic exclamation with its respective illustration:

15. Hadouken!

16. Shoryuken!

17. Tatsumaki Senpuukyaku!

18. What eye does Sagat wear his eye patch over?

a. Left
b. Right

19. Which Street Fighter II character is the answer to the below (strangely accurate) equation?

a. Cammy
b. T. Hawk
c. Balrog
d. Vega

20. What actor played Guile in the infamous live-action Street Fighter movie circa 1994?

a. Dolph Lundgren

b. Arnold Schwarzenegger
c. Kirk Thornton
d. Jean-Claude Van Damme

Do you have an eye for detail? Match the item with the character whose stage it is prominently featured in?

21. Bell

22. Fighter jet

23. Bathtub

24. Ship

25. In Street Fighter II: The World Warrior for the Super Nintendo, what kind of vehicle is the object of demolition in one of the game’s bonus levels?

*Bonus question! Who is your favorite Street Fighter II fighter? (Hint: Any answer that is not Chun-Li is wrong!)

The Great Retro Quiz! Hall of Champions

.01: The Virtual Console (NES)No prize

.02: The Virtual Console (SNES)Aerox
.03: BombermanShawnKelfonne
.04: The Legend of Zeldanebyoolae
.05: The Virtual Console (N64)Quisling
.06: MetroidNo prize
.07: ContraQuisling
.08: Halloween editionOpTiMaL
.09: Final Fantasy IVCacticus
.10: Super Mario Bros.teknomcr
.11: Mega ManItchy Tasty
.12: Sonic the Hedgehogprowlerx083
.13: Sports gamesBrilliam
.14: CastlevaniaMeta-Ridley/Cacticus
.15: The games of 2007DutyFree

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