The Great Retro Quiz! .14: Castlevania

What better way to celebrate the upcoming holidays than with a quiz all about a brooding vampire hunter that brutally kills mythical beasts by whipping them to death or stabbing them in the face? Merry Christmas, everyone!

If you couldn’t figure it out from the gruesome description above, this week’s Great Retro Quiz is all about the original Castlevania for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Truly classic, timeless games are great quiz categories, as everyone goes into them thinking they know so much more than they really do. You can’t hear me, but I am laughing maniacally right now.

Do you eat pot roasts to regain energy after a long, hard day? Do you knock over all the candles in your house, thinking they contain useful items? If so, you will probably do very well on this week’s quiz.

Just leave your answers in the comments and whoever gets the most right will win! (In the event of a tie, don’t forget to answer the non-multiple choice tie-breaker question, as it will decide the winner.) This week’s prize is a ridiculously awesome Simon Belmont 8-bit action figure. Check my community blog tomorrow (12/20) for the correct answers and the hair-raising results.

Tie some garlic cloves around your neck, hit the jump, and … good luck!

The Great Retro Quiz! .14

: Castlevania
Number of questions: 25
Difficulty: Normal

1. Ridiculously easy question of the week! What company publishes the Castlevania games?

a. Capcom
b. Konami
c. Square-Enix
d. Namco

2. Based on how he swings his whip, is Simon Belmont left or right-handed?

a. Left-handed
b. Right-handed
c. Amazing! He’s ambidextrous!

HUD memories! Fill in the missing elements:

3. Stage

4. Time

5. Score

6. Lives

7. Which of the following items instantly clears the screen of all enemies?

8. When fighting the first boss, what color is the torn curtain hanging on the back wall?

a. Red
b. Yellow
c. Green
d. Purple

9. Who most likely wrote the following personal ad?

I am a floating enemy looking for someone to spend the rest of my eternal life with. I enjoy moving in a wave-like pattern and annoying the hell out of anyone that encounters me. No fatties!

10. How many times can Simon Belmont upgrade his whip?

a. 1
b. 2
c. 3
d. 4

Enemy death or holy water flame?

11. Enemy death

12. Holy water flame

13. Oh no! All of the classic art pieces of the world are turning into Castlevania enemies! Based on how she appears in the game, which of the below masterpieces would most likely transform into Medusa?

a. The Mona Lisa
b. Venus de Milo
c. The ceiling of the Sistine Chapel
d. The Last Supper

Match the money bag with how many points it is worth:

14. 100

15. 400

16. 700

17. 1000

18. What color skeleton can never be killed?

a. White
b. Gray
c. Blue
d. Red

19. Which of the following sub-weapons costs more than one heart to use?

20. Which of the following sprites is not only a boss, but appears at least once as a “regular” enemy as well?

21. How many fireballs does Dracula simultaneously throw at you from underneath his scarlet cloak?

a. 1
b. 2
c. 3
d. 4

22. True of false: During the epic battle with Dracula, the moon in the night sky is full?

a. True
b. False

23. The room that holds Dracula’s coffin sports how many large windows?

a. 0
b. 1
c. 2
d. 3

24. Dracula’s second form best resembles what classic animated Disney character?

25. Ridiculously hard family tree question of the week! Who is Simon Belmont’s great-grandfather?

a. Trevor Belmont
b. Christopher Belmont
c. Richter Belmont
d. Soleiyu Belmont

*Tie-breaker question! The original Castlevania may be the first game released for the franchise, but chronologically, what installment is it (based on the series’ timeline)


The Great Retro Quiz! Hall of Champions
.01: The Virtual Console (NES)No prize

.02: The Virtual Console (SNES)Aerox
.03: BombermanShawnKelfonne
.04: The Legend of Zeldanebyoolae
.05: The Virtual Console (N64)Quisling
.06: MetroidNo prize
.07: ContraQuisling
.08: Halloween editionOpTiMaL
.09: Final Fantasy IVCacticus
.10: Super Mario Bros.teknomcr
.11: Mega ManItchy Tasty
.12: Sonic the Hedgehogprowlerx083
.13: Sports gamesBrilliam

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