The Great Retro Quiz! .10: Super Mario Bros.

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Hopefully you all have been playing Super Mario Galaxy this week and enjoying the hell out of it as much as I have. I am going to hold my fanboy exclamations for another time, but … oh, who am I kidding? I LOVE THIS GAME! IT IS AMAZING! AHHHHHHHHH! There, now I feel better.

To celebrate the release of this instant Wii classic, this week’s Great Retro Quiz is all about the game that started it all: Super Mario Bros. for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

Since most of you probably know everything about this game, I decided to kick things up a notch and make this one pretty tough. You didn’t think I was going to ask you something easy like “How many coins does Mario have to collect to receive a 1-up?” did you?

Just leave your answers in the comments and whoever gets the most right will win (in the event of a tie, my pal Luigi here will randomly suck out a name with his Poltergust 3000)! For the winner, this week’s prize is a collection of some cool Mario-themed stuff (I will keep the details secret to make it that much more exciting). Like always, just check my community blog tomorrow (11/15) for the correct answers.

Now, put down the Wiimote and get to quizzin’! Good luck!

The Great Retro Quiz! .10

: Super Mario Bros.
Number of Questions: 20
Difficulty: Hard

1. Fill in the blank: “Thank you Mario! But ______ Princess is in another castle.”

a. my
b. your
c. the
d. our

Classic HUD memories! Fill in the missing information:

2. Number of coins

3. Score

4. Time remaining

5. World x-x

6. In the original Super Mario Bros., what color overalls do small Mario and Luigi wear, respectively?

a. Brown and white
b. Red and green
c. Blue and green
d. Red and white

7. What is missing from the below box art?

a. A fireball
b. A goomba
c. A fire flower
d. Nothing

8. Super Mario Bros. is the best selling videogame of all time. How many copies have been sold?

a. Approximately 20 million
b. Approximately 30 million
c. Approximately 40 million
d. Approximately 50 million

9. Which of the following World 1-1 pipes can Mario descend into?

10. On that same note, how many coins are in this first underground pipe room?

a. 15
b. 19
c. 22
d. 25

11. What symbol appears on Bowser’s flag at the end of most levels?

12. What is the maximum amount of points Mario can receive from jumping on a flagpole?

a. 1000
b. 2500
c. 3000
d. 5000

13. Peach just broke up with Mario and he is now shooting fireballs all over the Mushroom Kingdom in a blind rage. Which enemy doesn’t need to worry about being burned?

14. Which of the below tiles does Mario need to stand on in order to jump straight up and receive a 1-up mushroom?

15. Math fun! [the amount of warp zone pipes in the game] + [the number of windows on the castle at the end of World 3-3] =

a. 12
b. 13
c. 15
d. 16

16. Cheep-Cheep just got a Netflix account (welcome to 2002, Cheep-Cheep!). Since he relates to the main characters, what would most likely be the first movie he rents?

a. The Squid and the Whale
b. Finding Nemo
c. Lassie
d. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

17. On level 7-4, one specific path must be taken to reach Bowser. Which of the below paths is correct?

18. How many times does Mario battle a hammer-throwing Bowser?

a. 1
b. 2
c. 3
d. 4

19. Ridiculously hard question of the week! Who wrote the music for Super Mario Bros.?

20. When replaying the game in “Hard Mode,” which of the following changes does not occur?

a. Various lifts become smaller in size
b. Goombas are replaced by Buzzy Beetles
c. Bowser always throws hammers
d. Enemies move faster

*Bonus question! Do you hate Daisy?

a. YES!
b. No

The Great Retro Quiz! Hall of Champions

.01: The Virtual Console (NES)No prize

.02: The Virtual Console (SNES)Aerox
.03: BombermanShawnKelfonne
.04: The Legend of Zeldanebyoolae
.05: The Virtual Console (N64)Quisling
.06: MetroidNo prize
.07: ContraQuisling
.08: Halloween editionOpTiMaL
.09: Final Fantasy IVCacticus

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