The Great Retro Quiz! .08: Halloween edition

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Hello, all you ghouls and ghosts out there, this is Elvira. That’s right, the Elvira. Chad asked me to host this week’s edition of the Great Retro Quiz because, well, it’s Halloween and I was dying to test everyone’s knowledge of all the scaaaaary videogames over the years.

Are you a fan of spooky games? I know I am. According to Chad’s note here, this week’s quiz is all about those games that send chills down your mortal spine. It also spans all consoles (even non-retro ones), so be prepared, this quiz is a real killer.

The prize this week, directly from the bowels of Hell, is a set of really awesome Darkstalker miniature figures, which are sure to be a hit with all your zombie and warlock friends. Just post your terrifying answers in the comments and whoever gets the most right will die win (in the event of a tie, Chad will blindfold himself with the tattered clothes of a troll and randomly pick a name out of a black witch’s hat)! Just check his ghastly community blog tomorrow (11/1) for the results and to see how you did.

Now, back to brewing this mysterious potion and waiting for my goddamn check to arrive for this freakin’ awful gig. Er … I mean … good luck!

The Great Retro Quiz! .08

: Halloween special
Number of questions: 20
Difficulty: Normal

1. In the original Resident Evil for the PlayStation, which of the below windows does the zombie dog crash through?

2. What is the only game in the well-respected Silent Hill series to feature a woman as the main, playable character?

a. Silent Hill
b. Silent Hill 2
c. Silent Hill 3
d. Silent Hill 4: The Room

3. Simon Belmont is getting very weak while fighting through the original Castlevania. What item should he quickly collect to recharge some of his energy?

4. Dag! Arthur from Ghosts n’ Goblins just died in the middle of your kitchen floor. What do you have to annoyingly sweep up now?

a. Ash
b. Gold coins
c. Pieces of a sword
d. Bones

Match the gruesome death to the videogame in which it occurs:

5. Clock Tower

6. BioShock

7. Phantasmagoria

8. Resident Evil 4

9. In Splatterhouse, what terrifying symbol is used to represent the main character’s lives?

a. An upside-down cross
b. A human heart
c. A skull
d. A chainsaw

10. You are playing a Dracula-version of the classic board game Operation. If the game is based on the body parts you can collect in Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest, which of the following could you never win fake money for extracting?

a. Dracula’s fang
b. Dracula’s rib
c. Dracula’s fingernail
d. Dracula’s eyeball

11. What mythical creature is the focus of the second Gabriel Knight game?

12. The below images are from what notoriously bad NES game?

a. The Thing
b. Halloween
c. Nightmare on

Elm Street

d. Friday the 13th

13. The creator of ridiculously violent Phantasmagoria was originally known for creating what popular family-friendly adventure series?

a. King’s Quest
b. Space Quest
c. Hero’s Quest
d. Police Quest

14. If Miku Hinasaki won a Pulitzer Prize, what category would she most likely win it in?

a. Writing
b. History
c. Photography
d. Music

15. The zombie-infested city featured in the early Resident Evil games is named after which of the following animals?

16. Which of the below playable characters from Castlevania III later became the star of fan favorite Symphony of the Night?

17. How many actual zombies are on the Super Nintendo cover art for Zombies Ate My Neighbors?

a. 0
b. 1
c. 2
d. 3

18. Sick humor alert! What kind of animal can you microwave in Maniac Mansion?

19. If there was a new Olympic event for ripping off Castlevania in almost every way imaginable (from style to character design), what game would easily win the coveted gold medal?

a. Devil’s Crush
b. 8 Eyes
c. Sanitarium
d. Alone in the Dark

20. You just died in Resident Evil. What words do you see on the screen?

a. “Game Over”
b. “Final farewell”
c. “You are dead”
d. “The End”

The Great Retro Quiz! Hall of Champions

.01: The Virtual Console (NES)No prize

.02: The Virtual Console (SNES) –  Aerox
.03: BombermanShawnKelfonne
.04: The Legend of Zeldanebyoolae
.05: The Virtual Console (N64)Quisling
.06: MetroidNo prize
.07: ContraQuisling

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