The Great Retro Quiz! .04: The Legend of Zelda

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With the release of Phantom Hourglass for the Nintendo DS, this week is all about Zelda! Go ahead, you can giggle like a school girl; don’t be embarrassed. And while I love all iterations of the Zelda series, nothing can top the feelings of nostalgia and pure joy one gets from playing the original The Legend of Zelda for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

I am assuming most of you retro peeps are huge fans of this revolutionary game, but how well do you really remember it? Can you tell the difference between a leever and an octorok? How many pieces of the Triforce are there?

Well, put that Zelda knowledge to the test by taking this week’s quiz!

Oh, and what’s that? You want a cool prize? How about a neat NES controller-shaped tin full of mysterious retro goodies care of the coolest guy that ever lived Topher?! Woo hoo! Like always, just post your answers in the comments below and whoever gets the most right will win (in the event of a tie, I will randomly draw a name out of my green, Hylian hat)! Check my community blog tomorrow (10/4) for the results and see how you did.

Now, back to finishing Phantom Hourglass (FYI: it’s awesome!) … good luck!

The Great Retro Quiz .04

: The Legend of Zelda
Questions: 20
Difficulty: Normal

1. Apparently it is dangerous to go alone. What should you take?

2. On the title screen of The Legend of Zelda, which of the below is shown?

a. A giant tree
b. A rainbow
c. A castle
d. A waterfall

3. Think back and remember the first playable screen (the one you start on). How many different exits off the screen are there?

a. 1
b. 2
c. 3
d. 4

4. You witnessed a tektite stealing an old lady’s purse. When brought in to the police station to view a criminal lineup, which of the below “usual suspects” would you choose?

5. What color hair does the healing fairy have?

a. Blonde
b. Black
c. Brown
d. Red

6. Link sells his magical rod so he can afford to buy a present for Zelda on her birthday. Which of the below items is now useless to him?

7. In what area is the final dungeon located?

a. Death Mountainb. Lake Hyliac. The cemetery
d. Lost Woods

Quick, fill in the missing HUD elements:

8. Image of a key
9. Image of a rupee
10. Image of a bomb

11. How many different swords can Link obtain during the game?

a. 1
b. 2
c. 3
d. 4

12. Yes, you just found a compass in one of the dungeons! You can now see …

a. … where all the treasures are located.
b. … which walls can be bombed.
c. … the location of the boss.
d. … the life meters of all your enemies.

Match the below enemies with the phobia they most likely suffer from:

13. Atomosophobia (fear of explosions)
14. Melophobia (fear of loud music)
15. Aichmophobia (fear of pointed objects)

16. You have been captured by a Like Like. After escaping, what store would you need to visit first thing in the morning?

a. Rupees ‘R Us
b. Swords ‘R Us
c. Shields ‘R Us
d. Bombs ‘R Us

17. It’s been a hard day and you really want to recharge some energy. Which of these will not replenish at least one of your hearts?

18. When starting a new game, what name can be entered to immediately skip to the famed “Second Quest?”


19. Ridiculously easy question of the week! What color was the cartridge for most of the original NES Zelda games?

a. Bronze
b. Silver
c. Gold
d. Blue

20. Ridiculously hard question of the week! How many notes play during the “secret found” jingle in the original Legend of Zelda?

a. 6
b. 8
c. 10
d. 12

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