The Great Retro Quiz! .03: Bomberman

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To celebrate the biggest and best videogame release of the year, this week’s quiz is dedicated to one of the greatest multiplayer games ever created: Bomberman. This series has … wait, Halo who? No, I am talking about today’s release of the Bomberman Live! Bomb-Up Pack 2 expansion for Xbox Live Arcade starring Mr. Destructoid as a selectable character. Priorities, people!

So, where was I? Ah yes … Bomberman. If you are a fan and avid player of the series, this quiz might still be a little tough, but even if you have never had the pleasure of playing this amazing set of games you should still give the quiz a try. Why? Well, this week there is a prize (no, not just a pat on the back like usual)!

Whoever answers the most questions correctly will win an Xbox Live 1600 Point gift card ($20 worth) that you can use to purchase the aforementioned expansion pack that is guaranteed to change your life and the lives of all around you.

Just post your answers in the comments below and I will reveal the results tomorrow on my community blog (if there is a tie, the person who posted his/her answers first will win)!

Hit the jump to get started and remember: my minions of the sea are watching so be fair and try not to cheat. Good luck!

The Great Retro Quiz .03

: Bomberman
Questions: 25
Level of Difficulty: Normal

1. Let’s start off nice and easy. What is the name of the publisher that released the most Bomberman games?

a. Taito
b. Hudson Soft
c. Capcom
d. Namco

2. On that same note, what creature does that publisher use as part of its logo?

3. What is the name of the peripheral that is needed to play with four players on the original Nintendo Entertainment System?

a. 4-Cart
b. 4 Way Play
d. Super Multitap

Match the zoomed in power-up with the upgrade it gives your player in Bomberman:

4. Increases bomb count by one

5. Kick any bomb by running into it

6. Punch any bomb in your path

7. Bomb blast expands in a square

8. Decreases bomb blast range by one level

9. Increases bomb blast range by one level

10. Upgrades bomb blast to the highest level

11. The first planted bomb hides in the ground

12. Drop all bombs in a row at once

13. Blast penetrates soft blocks

14. The first bomb you plant has maximum fire power

15. Plant a bomb, pick it up, and throw it

16. Detonate bombs with the press of a button

17. Increases movement speed by one level

18. Your best friend Bob was born the year the original Bomberman was released. If you and he went out to a California bar for a fun night out, could Bob legally drink?

a. Yes
b. No

19. Which main character from another videogame series is not playable in Saturn Bomberman?

a. Milon
b. Bonk
c. Master Higgins
d. Dino Riki

20. The below artwork is from the cover of what game in the Bomberman series?

a. Bomberman
b. Bomberman II
c. Super Bomberman
d. Bomberman ‘93

21. Which of these is an actual “curse” you can receive from picking up a skull power-down in Bomberman Live!?

a. Bombherrhea

b. Bombitis
c. Bomblete’s Foot
d. Bombdruff

22. If your office was like a traditional Bomberman stage, what would happen seconds before you went home every night?

a. The building would flip upside-down
b. The lights would go off
c. The office walls would start to close in on you
d. The floor would disappear

23. Let’s play a round of convoluted Internet Bomberman! Assuming there are no walls or obstacles on this level and you begin with a normal size explosion, if you started on the below grid at spot “x,” moved up five squares, left three squares, grabbed a Speed-Up upgrade, moved down seven squares, moved left two squares, grabbed a Fire-Up upgrade, moved down two squares, grabbed another Fire-Up upgrade, moved right five squares, moved up four squares, and ignited a bomb, who would you kill?

a. Player 1
b. Players 1 & 2
c. Players 2 & 3
d. Players 1, 2 & 3

24. Given the consoles currently available for download, which of these Bomberman games will never make an appearance on the Wii’s Virtual Console service?

a. Super Bomberman
b. Bomberman Hero
c. Bomberman World
d. Bomberman II

25. Math fun! The worst reviewed Bomberman game of all time has a number in its name and was recently released for the Xbox 360. What is that number?

a. (the maximum amount of Fire-Up upgrades you can collect) – (the maximum amount of Speed-Up upgrades you can collect)
b. (the maximum amount of Bomb-Up upgrades you can collect) (the maximum of amount of Fire-Up upgrades you can collect)
c. (the amount of Super Bomberman games released for the Super Nintendo) (the maximum amount of Fire-Up upgrades you can collect)
d. (the maximum amount of Speed-Up upgrades you can collect) + (the year Bomberman Generation was released)

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