The Great Panda Depression of 2008: No RetroforceGO! tonight

Sorry, everyone. Due to circumstances beyond our control, RetroforceGO! will not be recording episode 57 tonight.

I can’t go into too much detail, but Topher will not be around for the next few days and wanted me to pass along the message. In an unfortunate coincidence, Colette is also unavailable (she is not on a plane, though, I promise). So unless you want to listen to a podcast of me singing all my favorite songs for an hour, the obvious decision here is to delay the show a week.

Wait, a podcast of me singing all my favorite songs? That’s kind of my dream come true!

Nah, I can’t. I have to honor my amazing co-hosts and hold off. *puts away soundtrack to Aladdin*

Please know that if we could record we would. Sorry again. 🙁

Chad Concelmo