The Great Gatsby now in convenient videogame form

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It’s very possible that The Great Gatsby is my favorite novel of all-time. Certainly, the book is in my top five. Rich in metaphor and characterization, it is also exactly the right length for a lazy Sunday afternoon and I find myself reading the book once or twice a year just because it’s so comfortable.

That’s not going to change as a result of a new hidden-object game based on the story. I suppose that’s all well and good but, if I were going to make a game based on Gatsby, it would be a dating sim. You would play as Gatsby, trying to woo Daisy. And then she’d kill someone and let you take the fall because she’s a useless bitch. Best game ever.

There’s a demo available for this other, likely less awesome, game which I attempted to download and install. If you grab it, be aware that it will want to install some kind of toolbar and you’ll have to tell it not to. And if you don’t tell it not to in time and then cancel the operation, the installer may fail to open again no matter how many times you try, probably until you reset the computer. This is a thing which may or may not have happened to me.

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