New The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles overview highlights its investigations and courtroom battles

Great Ace Attorney Chronicles

No hit, Herlock

Today’s Capcom showcase for E3 2021 was mostly what it laid out ahead of time: a few spotlights on its upcoming slate of games, and some announcements of forthcoming plans for Resident Evil Village and Monster Hunter Rise. There was also a big breakdown of what’s to come with the western launch of The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles, and folks, I’m very ready for more attorney action.

A new features trailer shown today highlighted the aspects of legal battles new to The Great Ace Attorney, specifically the Dance of Deduction and Summation Examination. Both the collaboration with ace investigator Herlock Sholmes (yes, Herlock Sholmes) and persuading the jury in court proceedings add some interesting layers to The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles.

The Summation Examination seems like a neat test of logic and reasoning, but I absolutely loved the segment with Herlock and protagonist Ryunosuke deducing that this bearded man was, in fact, someone in a disguise. After highlighting the golden locks flowing out from behind their hat, the pair strike poses in a fun bit of theatricality.

I’ve tried before to convince friends that they should give this series a shot, and honestly, this trailer might be the video I turn to from now on. It’s a great slice of both the mystery and court aspects of the Ace Attorney series at-large, and also highlights what makes The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles in particular stand out.

Safe to say I’m looking forward to solving many more head-scratchers when The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles hits Nintendo Switch, PS4, and PC on July 27.

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