The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles hits half a million global sales

great ace attorney chronicles sales 500000 capcom

And even more Objections I’d wager

Period piece mystery compendium The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles has shifted 500,000 copies since its summer 2021 release on PC and console platforms. The impressive sales milestone was announced by developer Capcom on Twitter, in a post featuring some delightful new artwork for The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles.

The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles features remastered editions of two spin-off titles within the Ace Attorney franchise: 2015’s The Great Ace Attorney: Adventures and its 2017 sequel, The Great Ace Attorney 2: Resolve. Both titles launched in Japan on the Nintendo 3DS but never saw the light of day in the west, thus making the new compilation a frequently requested and highly anticipated release for the Ace Attorney fanbase.

The two titles step away from the more contemporary time periods utilized by most Ace Attorney releases, and instead winds the clocks back to the tail end of the 19th century. Protagonist Ryunosuke Naruhodo takes up the mantle of courtroom defender and investigator, solving baffling cases of murder and mayhem in the dawning years of the judicial system. The two titles are set against the backdrop of Meiji Japan and Victorian England, with a lavish steampunk aesthetic and even an appearance from the famous literary detective… erm… “Herlock Sholmes.”

The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles is available now on PS4, PC, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. You can check out our own Eric van Allen’s very positive thoughts on the release in this review.

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