The Government are such n00bz

What happens when a kid goes on a rampage at school and instead of blaming his dead beat parents, he blames a video game? And what happens when a modder for Battle Field 2 makes a short video making it look a terrorist training video? The Government steps in and they’re all like WTF dudez?In our first video we have the Daily Show pwning senators as they debate the ESRB’s “broken” rating system. Watch as our elected officials recreate sound effects from Pong and pronounce that only poor kids in the getto will recreate violence from violent video games.[Via: Joystiq]In our second video (located right here), we have ABC news doing actual research into how that “Terrorist Training tool from a video game” came to be. The piece is hilarious because the government seems to believe that it actually is being used to train terrorist kids and that the video has snippets from Team America: World Police (which I never realized until watching the video)[Via:Kotaku]

Hamza Aziz