The Goosebumps game sure is gonna make you read a lot

R.L. Fine, I won’t R.L. Whine

Reading? In my video games? I guess that’s par for the course in a click-and-point title. And, if you’re really twisting my arm, it’s probably a big part of reading books, too.

At least Goosebumps is thematically consistent across its words and spooky going-ons. There’s a Dead House, the Monster Blood from Monster Blood, a living dummy, and so much more. Hopefully we go to Camp Jellyjam. Hopefully we find an abominable snowman in Pasadena.

WayForward’s stayed relatively mum about Goosebumps up until now (it releases in a week!) The developer’s taken to the PlayStation Blog to describe the process of bringing R.L. Stine’s world to a video game. It’s a little bit of a lengthy read, but you’re likely fine with that if you’ve shown interest in a game that draws heavily from a series of books.

Also, possibly shedding some light on what the game actually entails, the Achievements for the game were revealed on Xbox Achievements. There are a lot of references to book titles, which means that WayForward might have packed a whole ton of lore into one game. Be careful what you wish for…

Brett Makedonski
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