The God of War III footage at the VGAs wasn’t what Jaffe was talking about

Remember a few weeks back when David Jaffe told us how amazing Sony’s God of War III looked? Jaffe’s description of his private viewing in Santa Monica was simple, but robust at the same time:


At the Spike TV Videogame Awards show, new footage of God of War III was shown to the masses. While impressive, the teaser wasn’t making us fall out of our chairs and write curse-laden blog posts. Recently, Jaffe cleared up the matter on his blog by saying that what he saw in Santa Monica wasn’t exactly what the viewers glimpsed during the Awards. Sure, that footage was there, but it wasn’t what blew his mind:

What I was raving about has not been shown outside of internal Sony meetings. I imagine it will be shown soon, but I have no idea. I also assume that the Spike stuff was turned in earlier than the stuff I saw (that I raved about) as the stuff I saw was for a meeting and didn’t need to be edited, reviewed by Spike, Sony, marketing, etc..

He went on to write that the stuff he was going crazy about “was probably finished 1-2 days before I got to the studios. The Spike stuff I saw had [already] been turned into Spike, so it was 100% older.” He added that the “new stuff I saw looked further along, for sure.” Jaffe ended by saying that he had nothing to gain if the game succeeded, which leads us to infer that his gushy comments are completely objective.

[via Kotaku]

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