The Giants are pumping Sonic music at batting practice

Green Hill Zone

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The San Francisco Giants are getting in the “Green Hill Zone” for tonight’s game against the St. Louis Cardinals in San Francisco.’s Anthony DiComo reported that the Giants are taking batting practice to Sonic the Hedgehog‘s “Green Hill Zone.”

Just another reason to root for the fun and exciting Giants, who lead the series 3-1 and will advance to the World Series with a win tonight, over the unbearable, satanic (in a bad way) St. Louis Cardinals

Seriously, how can you like that old guard, always winning for no damn reason, white bread obnoxiousness? The Giants have a guy named Gregor whose brothers are named Gregory and Gregsman. The Giants will make plays like this and score half their runs without getting hits. Or played for 18 innings away. That’s fun baseball. 

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