The Gametrak Freedom and Squeeballs impressions

A little while ago, we brought you an image of PDP’s motion controller for the Xbox 360. Dubbed the Gametrak Freedom, the peripheral is everything that an avid Wii player loves and enjoys: wireless waggling and embarrassment in front of loved ones and friends.

During my ridiculously short session with the controller, I was surprised to find that it required robust gestures to use appropriately. I would like to say it was because of the two wireless ultrasonic sensors that the peripheral comes with, but it’s a toss-up: it could have been the game I played with the controller, Squeeballs, that required the deep, exaggerated movements.

I had a blast playing Squeeballs. Which is, by the way, a game PDP had developed specifically for the Gametrak Freedom. According to the E3 press release I received after playing the game, Squeeballs “is a collection of over 150 challenges that showcases the controller.” And showcase it does — I played a pseudo-tennis game where I launched a plethora of the cartoon balls into the air and a cooking game very reminiscent of Cooking Mama.

The controller and Squeeballs will be available for the Xbox 360 this fall. A Wii version of Squeeballs will hit at some point in the near future as well.

Below in the gallery you can check out a few screen captures of Squeeballs as well as a couple of tiny images of the motion controller. A “sizzle” trailer (spoiler alert: happy families are happy) is available after the break as well.

Brad BradNicholson