The Forest is getting a sequel called Sons of the Forest


The Forest 2? No. That’s not a proper name for a follow-up. If you’re developer Endnight, you go with something else something flashier. You name your cannibal-mutant-survival game Sons of the Forest.

The studio also went ahead and made a character with a forearm tattoo that says “fight demons.”

I like these people. It was ridiculous, but at the same time, this was one of the more memorable moments from The Game Awards, a ceremony that also included the next-gen Xbox Series X reveal.

The first game, the son-less Forest, launched on PC before venturing to PlayStation 4. The Forest was playable in an unfinished state for four years before it left Steam Early Access. I’d expect something similar for Sons of the Forest. Clearly, it worked for Endnight before it’s making a sequel, after all.

My big concern? Now that they have a knack for this type of game, I’m expecting even freakier shit.

Jordan Devore
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