The five rules of Dead Rising 2’s ‘Terror is Reality’

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Last week, Capcom held an event in Tokyo where we had a chance to get our hands on Dead Rising 2 for the first time. In case you missed our coverage, be sure to hit our round-up… there’s a lot to check out

Upon leaving the event, Capcom handed us a Dead Rising 2 “Terror is Reality” shirt, inspired by the in-game reality game show. The front (pictured above) of the shirt features a the silhouette of one of the show’s contestants, wearing a moose antler helmet and holding a bloody spiked bat. The back, however, is a bit more useful — it’s the five rules of “Terror is Reality.”

Our favorite? “Don’t get bitten. If you do, you might be on TIR again… but not as a contestant!” The list may also reveal some hints as to why Dead Rising 2‘s protagonist, Chuck Greene, is participating in the game show. It’s all about the cash, baby — could Greene be participating in the show for a noble cause, or is he just greedy?

Hit the jump for the full list.

Rule 1: Last man standing wins.

It’s winner takes all in TIR, so do your best or go home empty-handed!

Rule 2: Anything goes. 

Don’t hold back. Get the upper hand by any means necessary.

Rule 3: Leave your morals at the door. 

You’re gonna have to play dirty to get your hands on the cash!

Rule 4: That which does not kill you makes you richer. 

Piles of cash heals plenty of hurts!

Rule 5: Don’t get bitten!

If you do, you might be on TIR again… but not as a contestant!

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