The first volume of the Warframe comic is out this week, provides a glance at the upcoming expansion

Some [Bib] Fortuna teasing

If you haven’t been keeping up with Warframe, it’s currently one of the biggest online co-op shooters right now. It launched in 2013 but skyrocketed up the Steam charts recently and is listed in the top five active games on the service.  Players control an avatar of the ancient warrior race Tenno and get mixed up with a big bowl of wrong that involves evil corporations and other aliens.

Since 2013 it’s seen a heap of expansions and updates, and Digital Extremes has built up its anti-pay-to-win reputation (much like Grinding Gear Games with Path of Exile), pivoting into a space filled with predatory microtransactions. Oh, it’s also a cross-media property now too. A comic series has been in production since late last year, and has culminated in a trade paperback collection of five issues simply called “Warframe Volume 1.”

The tale deals with a location called the Plains of Eidolon (introduced in an October 2017 update) and partially teases the Solaris United organization (a group of plucky rebels), arriving in the next big “Fortuna” update coming sometime in the fall. Oh and a Switch version is in the works. You’ll probably be hearing about Warframe a lot this year.

Warframe Volume 1 [Digital Extremes]

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