The first trailer for Telltale’s Batman isn’t too heavy on the Bat, man

Some Bruce Wayne, as promised

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As promised, Telltale is showing a decent amount of Bruce Wayne in the first trailer for their Batman episodic series.

In what presumably comprises the first episode, Bruce is seen at a banquet of sorts, peppered with some Batman action scenes, and it seems like the Falcone family and Catwoman will be featured to some degree. If this is the full storyline they’re going with, my guess is they might have a season two Joker storyline in the cards — if he doesn’t appear later in the first run. That’s the rule with any Batman-related media — you always fall back on The Joker and he makes you lots of money.

As a reminder, the first episode of Batman will launch on August 2 on PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and mobile. Everything but Wii U basically.

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