The first Stardew Valley console update is in the works

Devs are targeting crashes, the UI cutoff issue, and the controls

While Caitlin got along fairly well with Stardew Valley on consoles, it sounds like the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions aren’t without their issues, some of which will be fixed “in the next few weeks.”

According to game creator Eric Barone, Chucklefish and Stickhead Games are looking to address:

  • Game crashes when going to sleep around the 3rd day, if the system language is not English. (PS4)
  • Game crashes in certain cases if the Exit To Title button was used (Xbox One)
  • Occasional hitching/freezing in the Xbox One version
  • GUI elements cut off on the edges of the screen on certain TV setups
  • Control improvements

Until then, the publisher has a forum thread for known issues.

It’s snowing in my original Stardew Valley save file on PC and in real life. But tonight? Tonight I’m starting anew on PS4. I haven’t tried any of those alternate farm layouts that were added in an update, so that’ll be extra nice. Do I go with the Riverland Farm (fishing) or Forest Farm (foraging)?

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