The first issue of Mega Man Mastermix, a colorized version of Megamix, is out this week

Hitoshi Ariga is the man

I have every trade paperback for Mega Man Megamix, if only because of the artwork. Hitoshi Ariga originally created this style back in 1997, and its raw staying power led to a US localization of the manga in 13 years later. Ariga has a way with the series, adding an air of familiarity to it, while completely re-imagining characters in some cases (Skull Man in particular). If you haven’t read it yet, it deals with a new storyline based on the games, starting with the birth of Mega Man.

Ok so I’m rambling, but Megamix is great, and it’s coming back yet again in Mastermix form. This week the first issue of Mastermix is arriving at stores, an 80-page book that adds color to Ariga’s story art for the first time (only the covers were colored previously).

As the new volumes are released, it’s possible that they may move to Mega Man Gigamix, a three-volume series that followed Megamix. It’s a lot of mixes to keep track of but I can do my best to help!

Mega Man Mastermix #1 Cvr A Ariga [Comixology via Rockman Corner]

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