The first episode of the Splatoon anime launches, turns out to be a motion comic

Not sure how to feel

In case you forgot, about a month ago it was announced that the ongoing Splatoon manga would be receiving an anime adaptation. The release date for the first episode was yesterday, and like anything released online, has spread at a rapid pace. If you were thinking of full on animated battles, you had your expectations way too high.

This is a motion comic, or I guess a motion manga in this case.

Without giving away anything, if you’ve read the original manga, you’ve seen everything in this and could use the original for subs. If you’re looking for something new, you won’t find it here. Shame it turned out to be this, but it should’ve been expected for an online only production. I’m just as guilty of it, although I guess Twilight Axis had warped my perception of what could’ve been possible.

So the wait continues for a fully animated series like Nintendo, which we haven’t seen since the days of Kirby: Right Back At Ya and F-Zero: GP Legend. We had tastes of it with the Kid Icarus Uprising shorts, but a proper show again would be nice. It can clearly still work out in everyones favor since the one for Castlevania turned out to be great and it’s getting another season.

Mike Sounders