The first Dark Souls trailer i-OH GOD GIANT RATS

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Killing abnormally large rats is the bread-and-butter or easy RPG tutorials. Not so with Dark Souls, the spiritual follow-up to From Software’s Demon’s Souls, slated for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Those rats are f*cking HUGE, their milky rat eyes promising naught but violence, pain and murder. They’re also probably covered in germs and stuff. Evil germs.

You already know how the game’s going to be different (and similar) to its big brother, but now Japanese gaming rag Famitsu has released a trailer and load of grim screenshots and concept art to frighten you into submission. Demon’s Souls fans will find many of the images to be familiar. Eerily gothic environments (a few reminiscent of Boletaria), dragons, a beleaguered knight in full-face helmet, and some gnarly monsters (including aforementioned giant rat). Also visible are creepy forests and and what looks like Demon’s Souls‘ unique take on multiplayer.

So far it’s looking quite desirable. Are you interested?

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