The first Arkham Knight DLC takes place before Arkham Asylum

Featuring Batgirl

Batman: Arkham Knight may be the third and final title in Rocksteady’s trilogy of Caped Crusader games, but its first add-on travels back to before the origins of the series. Okay, well, it’s the first add-on save for the pre-order exclusives that weren’t all that substantial.

Set before Arkham Asylum, this DLC forgoes Batman as the protagonist and instead spotlights Batgirl. Warner Bros. isn’t divulging much about Batgirl: A Matter of Family apart from the time frame, the inclusion of “a new hacking feature,” and Robin’s involvement. It seems to be more fleshed-out then that pre-order DLC, though; it’s said to contain a new location, and multiple main missions and sidequests.

Batgirl: A Matter of Family is a timed-exclusive for those who pony up for the season pass. It releases on July 14 for those people. For everyone else, it’ll be available on July 21 for $6.99 on PSN and Xbox Live. The PC release will be “in the coming weeks,” as Warner Bros. is likely concentrated on fixing that version before selling more content for it.

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