The first act of Salad Fingers point-and-click adventure game is out!

Where’s May Gone

Remember Salad Fingers, the creepy online Flash cartoon by David Firth? Well an officially sanctioned point and click adventure game has been in the works for some time, having even been Steam greenlit. The first act is now available for the low, low price of free!

Salad Fingers Where’s May Gone Act 1 can be downloaded for Windows, Mac, and even Linux here. Break out your rusty spoons and try to escape from Salad Fingers himself and rescue your daughter!

For those of you that are lost and have no idea what Salad Fingers is, then check out the entire series below in all its glory. I also recommend you check out all of David Firth’s work, including Burnt Face Man, because crime is a shit that needs wiping up!

Jed Whitaker