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The final Splatoon on Wii U player has dropped off, ending a 68-day streak

Only two others remain on the Nintendo Network.

Although the shutdown of the Nintendo Network this past April meant people couldn’t play 3DS and Wii U games online anymore, a subset of fans challenged themselves to see how long they could stay connected in specific games until they’re forcibly ejected. As of June 16, that total number has dropped from three to two after the final Splatoon on Wii U player revealed they lost their connection.

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In April, Twitter user Lcd101 somehow managed to stay online in the first Splatoon. They obviously couldn’t play any multiplayer matches since the matchmaking servers were down and there was no one else to play with, but they could still access the in-game shops and view news updates. Their streak had to end eventually, though, and that’s just what happened according to a recent Twitter post.

Lcd101 managed to hang on for 68 days until their connection dropped, which is a ridiculously long time. Some may not see the point behind such a feat, but if anyone decides to chronicle Splatoon 1‘s history in the future, Lcd101’s accomplishment is going to get a mention. “Words cannot express how amazing it’s been to wake up every day and see you cheering me on. You’ve made me the luckiest squid (or octo) online and I’m just so thankful for all of your love. I’ve made so many friends over the last two months, friends that I hope to keep forever,” they wrote.

Just last month, the final Xenoblade Chronicles X player also lost their online connection, meaning there are only two people left still connected to the Nintendo Network. According to Twitter user Gaffs, those players are Fishguy6564 on Mario Kart 7 and SlitherySheep on Super Mario Maker. I, for one, am definitely intrigued to see how much longer these two will stay online. Could they make it to the end of June? Maybe all summer? Whatever the case, a very passionate subset of Nintendo fans is hooked on this saga and there will certainly be a sense of melancholy once it comes to a close.

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