The Final Fantasy XV movie looks better than Spirits Within

I saw that in theaters!

So Kingsglaive, eh? With all of the hype that Final Fantasy XV has generated in the past month or so I’m trying not get swept up in it, but it’s tough. These new screens of the film, compliments of 4Gamer, are looking real good, and the talent involved (Sean Bean, Aaron Paul, Lena Headey) is enticing. Gematsu also has a great breakdown of each character’s bio and motivations if you’re interested.

It’s crazy to see how much detail this video game spinoff movie entails, but then again, Spirits Within did look pretty good too back in 2001. Speaking of, I can’t believe I saw that movie in theaters way back when — I mean, I didn’t hate it? I know a lot of people went in expecting it to somehow feature Cloud and Sepiroth fighting on the big screen but as a general sci-fi film I never really saw it as a complete disaster.

Strangely Roger Ebert agreed, giving  it three and a half out of four stars. That’s your interesting fact for the day!

Final Fantasy [4Gamer via Gematsu]

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