The Final Fantasy VII Remake is still looking fantastic, here’s a closer look at some of the finer aspects

Weapons, materia, summons

We’re finally approaching the point where we can safely say “the Final Fantasy VII Remake is out this year.” Insane, right?! I mean in just 30 days and change it’ll be January 1, 2020, and we’ll be just several short months away from the VII Remake actually hitting the PS4. Oh sorry, the first part of the remake. Right! I wonder how many people aren’t going to read that fine print and will write angry letters to Square once the credits roll and only a portion of the original is covered.

Anyway, the PlayStation Blog just dumped a ton of new screens and info on Final Fantasy VII Remake, and my goodness you can probably hear my chef kiss from here. The blog finally starts to break down some of the more granular aspects of the remake, like the fact that each weapon has unique abilities, which you can level up or enhance with aspects like increased materia slots.

I’ll let Square Enix cover classic mode, which creates the illusion of an older school JRPG juxtaposed to the remake’s action-oriented feel: “Classic Mode can be activated by selecting ‘CLASSIC’ from the difficulty menu. In Classic Mode, party members will act automatically, with the ATB gauge filling up as they do so. In this mode, the player only needs to select which abilities, magic, and items they will use their ATB charges for. This brings the feel of the gameplay closer to the menu-based battles from the original FFVII but with the amazing immersive graphics of the remake.”

One summon is also showcased (Chocobo & Moogle) which looks adorable, as is the Assess materia (scan/libra, basically), the dart minigame at Seventh Heaven (I hope they spend more time here and chill a bit), Aerith/Aeris’ church (Sector 5) and the pesky Turks. It’s a lot to take in: you can start in the gallery below. I’m most excited of all for the potential extra time with Aeris.

New Final Fantasy VII Remake screens [PlayStation Blog]

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