The Final Fantasy IX animated series is finally being shown at a tradeshow

Final Fantasy IX animated series

It’s still “an adventure animation series primarily aimed at 8-13-year-old kids and family audiences”

Roughly a year ago, it was announced that French animation studio Cyber Group Studios was deep into a Final Fantasy IX animated TV series. Now, according to Animation Magazine, it’ll be debuting soon, in the hopes to be sold to a distributor.

Cyber Group will be attending the Licensing Expo in Las Vegas from May 24-26, in a bid to sell the show. It’s here that we’ll likely see the first screens or maybe even a trailer, as well as info on some of the characters (and potential newcomers). In 2021, the company noted that “for those who [don’t] know Final Fantasy IX, this will be an [introduction]…and for the many who [do], this will immerse them in a universe they’ll love.”

At the moment, details are slim. The McFire Family, Gigantosaurus, and PressStart projects were all shown off: but we’re waiting to see Final Fantasy IX at a later date. If you want to stew over what it could look like and the subject matter it could entail, you can peruse Cyber Group’s catalog here.

To be clear, I don’t think you should expect the moon here — or an epic series with adult themes. We already know it’s aimed at kids, but their entire catalog is predicated on family viewing. As someone who does watch cartoons with their kid, I just hope it’s nearly as good as Spidey and His Amazing Friends.

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