The FC Mobile: Play original Nintendo games on the go

A long time ago, I brought up the FC Twin system which allowed you to play regular Nintendo and Super Nintendo titles. Earlier this year, another twin console was released that allowed you to play Nintendo games and Sega Genesis games.

Now, thanks to technabob, the latest Nintendo rip off/cash cow has been revealed. It’s called the FC Mobile and is a handheld system that can take any Nintendo cartridges. The FC Twin is a mass-produced portable that has a 2.4-inch color LCD screen and runs on three AA batteries. The system has speakers, a headphone jack and you can even plug the unit into your T.V. and play the NES games on your television. The system seems to only play American NES games and is going for $40 to $50 on average on eBay.  

Since the patent has expired for the original NES, many companies have been re-releasing knockoffs of the classic system. These knockoffs probably cost next to nothing to make and they’re making a killer profit. At least I know one thing now: I no longer have to be jealous of Ben Heck. As I grow older, the patents to all of these older systems will expire and some greedy company is going to come by and make a bastardized version of the systems into handhelds too. I can’t wait! 

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