The Fantastic Four are hitting Marvel Strike Force before Spider-Man PS4 and Ultimate Alliance 3

A mobile game

Reed, Sue, Johnny, Ben. It’s good to have you all back in the fold. I mean the 2000s-era Tim Story films didn’t do you any favors with the public, and the 2015 project, “FANT4STIC,” might be the worst superhero movie ever made. And yes, I remember Elektra and Catwoman.

Marvel is starting to plan their cinematic comeback as we speak, and as it stands, we’re getting everything from little homages in Spider-Man PS4 to full-on expansion packs in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3. For now, Marvel Strike Force (a mobile game) shares the honor of welcoming them back in full, as the four themselves are coming to the game, alongside of Namor: Marvel’s Aquaman counterpart who has yet to make his MCU debut.

All five folks are coming in the game’s next update, following up a big X-Men and Spider-Man run. According to Game Informer, Agent Coulson (who is still relevant in the ABC TV show Agents of Shield) and Cyclops (who is also arriving in Ultimate Alliance 3 soon as free DLC) could be the next additions.

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