The Fallout 76 team takes a deep dive into Daily Ops quality of life changes

Locked & Loaded is in the PTS now

Bethesda is planning a new big update for Fallout 76, titled “Locked & Loaded.”

The huge focus is on Daily Ops, which are literally daily quests that take roughly 10 minutes each, which randomization elements that wax and wane with each day. They were introduced six months ago, and mainly facilitate constant Fallout 76 play; for dedicated folks who want to be part of the world more often and earn more rewards in the process.

They were added in earnest roughly six months ago to Fallout 76, and they’ve caught on to the point where Bethesda is doubling down on them. Enter the Locked & Loaded patch, which is going to “double the amount of randomized elements,” completely changing the landscape of Daily Ops as a whole.

The big thing is more variation. Mole Miners, Mothman Cultists, and Scorched enemies are now a part of the rotation in Locked & Loaded, which will increase the replay value of Daily Ops all by themselves. But it’s also adding new mutations (like poisonous hazards triggered by enemy deaths, or Diablo-like auras from enemies that heal their allies) and a new mode called Decryption (which tasks players with disabling three radio interceptors).

It really is a good idea, all told. Fallout 76 hit the key elements it was lacking at launch (a world that felt actually lived in, and a real narrative that connected anyone to the game itself), then decided to experiment with high-end content and replayable stuff like Daily Ops. As of today, Locked & Loaded is slated for an April 27 release. After that, it’s roadmap time.

You can test all of this now in the PTS, and watch the deep dive below straight from the developers.

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