The extent of Pokemon Sword & Shield’s ‘Wild Area’ has been revealed

Thanks to CoroCoro magazine

Nintendo and Game Freak have Pokemon marketing mastered. 

A new reveal for one magazine here, another reveal for E3 here, a Nintendo Direct there, a nonchalant panning shot of a village showcasing another new generation Pokemon that makes the internet explode there: they know exactly what they’re doing. This time around CoroCoro Magazine has the honors by way of their Pokemon guidebook, and the poster for it is one of the most revealing bits of info so far.

Showcasing the famous “Wild Zone” we heard so much about in the game’s early marketing circuit, we now see that it’s going to be fairly extensive; and as the below tweet points out, basically makes up the whole middle part of the Galar region. We’re also getting more info by way of a “Secret Member Club” clip (through, which has a new tune.

It’s all coming together! Now we just have to wait a month to see if everything else makes up for slashing the National ‘Dex.

Wild Area []

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