The English localization for Onion Games’ Moon is so close to completion

This game is over my hammy

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It has been several months since Onion Games has uttered a peep about the localization process for Moon, its upcoming Switch port of Japan-only Moon: Remix RPG. Back in September, it said it’d be a quick turnaround, but in December, studio head Yoshiro Kimura did an about-face on a quick release, saying it would take more time than expected. After that, it was radio silence from the developer on the localization process.

Now, Kimura is ready to talk about the game once more. In a blog post, he explained the localization of the title is in the last stage of debugging. The COVID-19 epidemic has not been kind to the process, but the team was able to finish the first draft of the English script a while ago.

However, according to Kimura:

Moon is full of so many subtleties in the characters, their strange personalities, and idiosyncratic ways of communicating. We wanted to do even more testing than usual to make sure all of that came through clearly, felt special, and guided you properly through its world.

The blog post goes on to say the game has entered another round of debugging and that the end is in sight. While it doesn’t give a target release date, there’s no doubt we’re closer now than we’ve ever been before to getting this curious title into our hands for the first time.

As Summer Approaches, Another Update On Moon [Onion Games]

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