The emotional side of war

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If you don’t like buying into hype, perhaps this will change your mind about Gears of War. It turns out Marcus Fenix isn’t the emotionless marine we once thought he was. The song in this video, “Mad World,” is performed by Gary Jules and Michael Andrews — it was also in Donnie Darko … Donnie Darko FTW! Doesn’t it set the mood perfectly?If Gears of War can look this good using only an in-game engine, I cannot wait to see what’s in store for us next year. This is a perfect example of how graphics can be just as important as gameplay. There is no way the ad would have the same effect on viewers if it looked visually horrible.According to Major Nelson, the ad will run in cinema and on TV. But if you want to see it in high-def, you’re going to need an Xbox Live Gold account.

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