The Elder Scrolls Online will launch in Japan in June of 2016

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The Elder Scrolls Online has found a decent niche as a subscription-free game (several of my friends on all three platforms play it), but will it find success in other regions? ZeniMax is seemingly hopeful, as publisher DMM has acquired the rights to the game in Japan, and will launch it on June 23, 2016.

It’s going to go for 7,949 Yen (roughly $65) and 12,744 Yen (roughly $100) for standard and deluxe editions respectively. There’s no subscription fee just like other regions, but an optional monthly stipend will grant players extra rewards.

I really wish all of the servers were cross-play, or that ZeniMax just went the way of Square Enix and allowed PS4 and PC users to play together. As it stands, the community is too fragmented for me to really get involved, given the small amount of people I know who play it.

The Elder Scrolls Online – Japan server launch date announced [MMO Culture]

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