The Elden Ring Turtle Pope is back, in plushy form

Turtle Pop plush toy

Definitely not a dog

From Software knows what they’re doing at this point when it comes to flashy character designs. They’ve seen the memes, the fanart, and the fanfare from all sorts of creations; with the trend arguably popping off with Solaire of Astora, aka the “Praise the Sun Guy.” Well, Elden Ring added a ton of characters to the pile, including the Turtle Pope.

Yep, toy and statue purveyor Youtooz has an officially licensed plushy on the way of a fan-favorite NPC. Youtooz notes that this particular release is 9 inches tall, and is modeled after Miriel, Pastor of Vows, also known as “the Turtle Pope” from Elden Ring. It’s priced at $29.99, and it’ll ship sometime within a window of September 9 through October 9 (for the US and Canada only).

Here’s the full product description:

“Miriel, Pastor of Vows arrives at Youtooz to give us all their blessings! At 9 inches tall his large green and brown shell protects the soft, yet incredibly sturdy, scaled brown body that emerges from its safety! His legs and head extend outward with a gentle smile as a white mitre sits atop their head, its gold embellishments shining as brightly as the Erdtee’s light! This plush is packed to the seams with 100% PP cotton and is made of normal minky, sublimated minky and shiny materials, absolutely perfect for cuddling or teaching you the wildest sorceries and incantations!”

While I’m holding off on getting a Turtle Pope of my own, if my daughter was old enough to play Elden Ring and liked it, I couldn’t resist. This is a really clever pull!

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