The Elden Ring art book is massive with two volumes and 800 pages

Clear space on the shelf, you’re gonna need it

Elden Ring is a massive game — not only in its sprawling map that provides hundreds of hours of gameplay, but also in the cultural impact it’s had in games this year. It’s fitting, then, that FromSoft is releasing an equally massive two-volume art book collection (via PC Gamer), each of which is 400 pages long. They’ve released a book of concept art for every game since Dark Souls, but this will be the longest one in the collection by far.

Volume 1 will focus on the art of locations, NPCs, and armor, and Volume 2 will feature enemies, weapons, and items. The books are available to purchase individually for $31 each, or if you’re an Elden Ring superfan, you can buy the set in the Ultra Edition, which retails for $125 and comes with a box to house the books, as well as a framed art print featuring everyone’s favorite boss, Godfrey.

The Elden Ring art books are out on November 30 in Japan, and while we don’t have a release date for other regions just yet, it can’t be too far behind.

The Forge of the Giants is visible from the First Step in Elden Ring

Something else to look forward to are the interviews with the Elden Ring design team, including director Hidetaka Miyazaki, that are a staple of the books.

We haven’t had those interviews officially confirmed for the Elden Ring books, but they’ve always been a staple, so it would be a surprise if they weren’t included. Because the FromSoft art books have been such a tradition, a lot of the unknown info feels more like a “when” rather than an “if.”

While I don’t have any of the Soulsborne art books yet myself, I do have plenty of others. Art in games is always so unique, plus it’s cool to see how elements like characters and environments have evolved over the course of a game’s development.

Considering Elden Ring has one of the most beautiful open worlds in games, it’s pretty much a guarantee that this is gonna be a must-have for art book collectors.

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