The Dynasty Warriors movie looks just as over-the-top as the games

Out in China on April 30

Wait, there’s a Dynasty Warriors movie? And it has crazy fantasy action just like the Koei Tecmo game series? Yes! But you may have even vaguely heard about it already.

For a while now the Dynasty Warriors film, crafted in China, has seen multiple delays, but it looks like it’s going to finally come out very soon. As analyst Daniel Ahmad reports, it’s due out on April 30 of this year in China, with an additional release in Hong Kong. There is no confirmation of a western release at this time.

The new trailer, which debuted this morning, showcases a few fan favorite characters, as well as plenty of action and a little drama. The costumes are completely on point, as is the “1 versus 100” action sequence later in the clip.

Whether all of that will come together for a good, or even enjoyable viewing experience is yet to be seen. But the trailer did pique my interest!

Dynasty Warriors [YouTube via Daniel Ahmad]

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