The Duviri Paradox may be Warframe’s most ambitious open-world yet

This new trailer proposes a Dali-like world

So much is going on in Warframe, with so many new features announced almost weekly, it’s easy to forget about big additions that have already been announced. Take the Plains of Duviri. The area is set to follow the massively successful Fortuna and The Plains of Eidolon as the game’s third massive open-world. But with all my attention on Railjack and the Empyrean Expansion, I completely forgot it was a thing until I saw the below trailer at TennoCon.

The Duviri Paradox takes place in a surreal world where the Operators, those who control the titular warframes, have grown into adults. It’s just one of the upcoming features announced at TennoCon 2019, where it was featured alongside reveals for the second series of Nightwave and the fourth installment of The New War.

CJ Andriessen
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