The DTOID Show! Win From Dust & BF3 codes! (Update)

[Update: The live show is over! We’ll have the recorded episode up online soon. Thanks for watching!]

Hey, guys! Just a friendly reminder that today (and every Friday from now on), The Destructoid Show will be going LIVE on our YouTube channel at 3:30pm PST. We’ll also be streaming in full HD over on Revision3.

We’ll be covering a bevy of topics in videogame news, as well as giving away 5 From Dust codes for XBLA. Expect a healthy smattering of sarcasm and boobs somewhere in there as well. Max and I may be answering some questions from the live chat either during or after the show, so tune in if you have a pressing question or marriage proposal!

You can also win Battlefield 3 codes. WATCH NOW!

Tara Long