The DTOID Show is LIVE today with Diablo III beta codes!

That’s right, folks! We’ve got a handful of beta codes for Diablo III, which I’m told are very much in demand. Wanna win one? Well, tune in for the details.

We also have candy, but the candy is only for us. If you’ve got some at home, though, by all means partake! It’s been a crazy week here at The Destructoid Show, and I can think of no better way to wrap it up than with candy and a nice, big steaming hot pile of live internet television.

Consider this your reminder then that The Destructoid Show will be going LIVE at 3:30pm PST today at We’ll have plenty of candy, pizza, prizes, and maybe even a pony ride if you’re well-behaved. You’ll have to ask Dad first, though!

Tara Long