The drink is a lie: Portal, the bar!

You may remember seeing some pictures earlier this year from the IT University of Copenhagan’s “Final Fantasy Bar“, which featured everything from Final Fantasy cosplay to drinks like the Lifestream. I can actually attest to the authenticity of all the drinks, having attended a party at this guy’s house where I sampled every one and then spent the next day in bed with a crippling hangover.

Hardly satisfied with only one incredibly nerdy bar night, the students decided to make their third game-themed bar (the first was Mario)all about Portal. On the 28th of November they hosted their Portal Bar, inclusing cocktails such as the Chell, GLaDOS and Sentry Gun. If you’re curious as to how they might taste, just use the handy guide here and you can make them yourselves. Drunken singalongs of “Still Alive” will most certainly ensue.


Colette Bennett