The Division’s ‘Year Two’ content will include free expansions

No division over that

Players were a bit worried when Ubisoft announced that the studio responsible for The Division would be working on an upcoming Avatar game in anticipation of that film’s perpetually delayed sequel. Did this mean that Ubisoft had dropped further support for their apocalyptic third-person shooter and any plans for a sequel? Well, you have nothing (less?) to fear as the company has unveiled its plans for a “Year Two” of The Division that includes free expansions.

The first expansion, coming sometime this summer, is centered around an “event system that drives players to activities that feature modifiers, leaderboards, and unique vanity items that will only be available through these activities.” Doesn’t sound too substantial, but you will be granted the ability to create specific load-outs for missions (crazy to think it wasn’t already in the game). Ubisoft is also adding “feats,” something akin to Destiny’s triumph system.

The second expansion is too far off, but it will be more “content-focused” than the first. While no new story missions are being added, it sounds like the team is aiming to make it feel more robust than the first addition. Their reasoning for the lack of story missions is pretty lame, however. “We can’t really deliver story missions that will fit into the RPG aspects of the game in a simple way. So we’re not going to be doing the classic main mission type of thing, but narrative content is something that we are definitely looking at,” states the official blog.

Along with all of this planned content comes a celebration event for the first year of The Division. Players who log in from today (March 9) until March 16th will be given 200 premium credits and a “celebratory emote.” From March 9th until the 11th, all high value targets will have a double value multiplier applied to them and on the 11th, field proficiency caches will have the same thing.

I suppose you shouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth, but full campaign based expansions would have been nice.

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