The Division’s recent Steam reviews are ‘overwhelmingly negative’

Tom Clancy would not be happy

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It looks like there’s been…some kind of fissure, maybe, between fans of The Division and The Division itself.

The overall Steam reviews for Tom Clancy’s estate’s latest martial law fantasy are “Mixed” over the four months since release. There are 27,409 reviews right now and 54% of them are positive. However, the 1,582 reviews written over the last 30 days have been “Overwhelmingly Negative,” according to Steam’s metric. Only 16% of them are positive.

Steam automatically displays reviews that have been voted “Most Helpful” over the last 30 days, so it’s drawing from a pool of blowback against Ubisoft wherein players with 50 hours in The Division post ASCII images of Ubisoft shitting on the game, or players with 400 hours clocked explain:

“Imagine getting promised a Ferrari, getting delivered an Audi, drive it for a month and find out its a Honda, a day later turning out to be a lemon.”

Anyone here actually regularly playing and enjoying The Division? Excited for the DLC? Just anecdotally, it doesn’t feel like Ubisoft has a Destiny on its hands. Which is good. I don’t want to hear Kyle and Darren incessantly talking The Division in our office chat room.

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