The Division’s free April 12 update introduces Incursions

Ready to raid?

Ubisoft is preparing a free content update planned to hit The Division on April 12, 2016 that will add the game’s first Incursion, “Falcon Lost,” for endgame players to tackle. If you want high-level loot, and I know you do, first you’ll have to face the Last Man Battalion in a water-treatment facility.

“Falcon Lost has two difficulties: Hard mode, which is recommended for players whose gear score is equivalent to level 31; and challenge mode, which is even tougher,” says Ubisoft. “Also, there aren’t any checkpoints in Falcon Lost; if your team goes down, you’ll have to restart from the beginning. Additionally, you can replay Falcon Lost and other upcoming Incursions as many times as you want and still be rewarded with new loot.”

This is just the first Incursion, with more planned, including one set in Columbus Circle that’s arriving as part of a free future update. No need to grab that season pass yet.

April 12’s update will also add four rare gear sets, which can unlock new talents; daily quests; periodic supply drops in the Dark Zone containing loot that does not need to be extracted (this’ll be entertaining); loot trading; and the ability to camera-follow teammates post-death. Ubisoft has the rundown on these and other details in a blog post.

While a bunch of folks on staff dug right into The Division at launch and have more or less stuck with it — Brett was saying in chat today how he thinks he’s enjoying it (“I got some blue shit so I’m happy”) — I can’t say I’m in a rush to start playing. The Dark Zone gifs suffice, for now.

Free Incursions DLC for The Division Coming April 12, New Features Revealed [Ubisoft]

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