The Division server issues? Ubisoft’s on the case

Divided we fall

If you’ve been struggling to connect The Division to a server, you’re not alone. But don’t panic – Ubisoft has responded quickly to concerns and now confirms all should be back to normal now.

As the shooter launched across the world yesterday, all platforms have been struggled to meet demand and connect players to the servers.

There were even reports that other Ubisoft games like Rainbow Six Siege were also struggling to connect. 

Acknowledging the problem, Ubisoft stated on the official forums that it was “currently aware of an issue impacting our games and services” and was “actively investigating to deploy a solution as quickly as possible.”

A recent update, however, concludes that “normal operation” has resumed on all platforms. The publisher will continue to monitor the situation.

What are you making of Ubi’s take on an apocalyptic shooter so far? Here’s hoping the PC cheaters don’t resurface…

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