The Division is free to own on PC for a few more days

Through September 8

Three years after the release of The Division, the sequel came through town and cleaned up a lot of the grime that the original had left behind.

But that classic edition still exists, and through September 8, you can grab it for free (to keep) directly from Ubisoft. All you have to do is head here before September 8 at 4:00AM (local) and you can grab it on PC.

The modern gaming era is wild, isn’t it? If you’ve been keeping up with sales and giveaways in this content-heavy era, you probably have hundreds of games in your backlog you haven’t even looked at yet. “Wait, I own five copies of every Sonic game ever released on PC?” Yes, you do.

So it’s not a matter of should when it comes to this The Division giveaway. Go ahead and get this freebie for a rainy day. It’s a matter of when you’ll play it.

The Division [Ubisoft]

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